Please answer asking from Bangladesh!Last hope.


Dear doctor Bob...Thanks for ur endless patience as u are answering all our questions in such a nice manner..Please let me know is repeated scalp folliculaitis with mild fever( around 99 f)is a symptom of HIV? I had an exposure around 15 months ago.My condom broke during intercourse with a russian sex worker in united arab emirates.The exposure didnot last more than 30 secs..i dont have any other bodily discomfort or symptoms presently.Please answer I am panicked..Can folliculaitis cause slight fever and slightly swollen neck glands?Thanks in advance.. SAM


Hello Bangladesh Sam,

Regarding your symptoms, 99 degrees is not considered a significant fever and yes, scalp folliculitis can indeed cause swollen glands about the head and neck area. Should you get HIV tested because of this? No, not because of these symptoms, but you should indeed be tested because you had a potential exposure! Symptoms or no symptoms, you had a brief unprotected exposure to a Russian sex worker in the United Arab Emirates resulting from your condom failure. Your HIV-transmission risk would be low due to the very brief exposure, but it is not completely nonexistent. I would advise you get a single rapid HIV test. If your folliculitis continues to be a problem, see a dermatologist, as this condition can be quite easily managed.

Dr. Bob