Please advice.


Dear doctor, a few months ago, I visited a freelance prostitute. I did not engage in any virginal intercourse but I am very worried about my potiental exposure. I performed cunnilingus on her for about 1 minute or so only. I don't recall seeing any blood. I have a bad nailbiting habit and the night before I bit my nails until blood came out from the side of my nails. I also peeled off a little skin near the cuticles and there may have been pus on it. I fingered her for a short while and her virginal secretions may have got onto my fingers over the wounded part and near the cuticles where there was pus. I wish to ask if my finger biting habits which results in me having unhealthy figernails, will somehow make me more susceptible to the hiv virus. Please help me. There could be numerous small finger biting wounds on my fingers and thus many avenues for the hiv virus to attack. There was also a little pus on my fingers for the virus to enter me. Just to add, the night before fingering the girl, I was very stressed and kept biting the skin around my fingernails. I bit out some skin and caused bleeding on the side of the nails. A few fingers may have had bled at the side of the fingernails. When i fingered her, the dried blood could still be seen at the side of my fingernails. Am I at risk from this fingering and cunnilingus incident? Thanks doctor.



You're worried about "potiental" exposure to "virginal" secretions due to "finger biting habits." Hmm . . . . Dude, if indeed your freelance prostitute was "virginal," you'd have nothing to worry about, right? Then again, if she was "virginal," she wouldn't be a prostitute, would she?

So let's assume you got vaginal secretions, as opposed to virginal secretions, on your chewed digits. The general rule is that if your Naughty Lady from Shady Lane was HIV infected and her vaginal fluids came into contact with non-intact skin, there would be some degree of HIV-transmission risk. However, if your chewed cuticles were scabbed over and not actively bleeding, your risk is really quite low. If you're concerned, get a single HIV test at the three-month mark. Also, stop chewing your fingers. It's a very unattractive habit!

Good luck.

Dr. Bob