Platelets count affected by HIV ?


Dr., every year for the past nine years ( without any meds ever taken, to date ) my CD4s have always been b/w 500-600 with %s between 38-41% and with CD4/CD8 ratio b/w 1.6 and 1.8. , consistently. In addition CBC results have been within the "normal" values range , but the platelets count has decreased by 20% in the past five years.. and on a fairly even scale of approx. 4% annually ( from 253 in '05 to 200 in '10 ). Is decreasing platelets a common or expected characteristic of the HIV virus affect, or is there no relationship b/w the two ? Also, FYI the MPV count is at the lowest end of the normal values range and the monocyte percentage is at the highest end of the normal range... if that has any relevance.. Kind thanks,


Low platelet counts can be associated with HIV infection, particularly in people with advanced HIV infection or in those not on HIV treatment. Your count is still in the normal range, even with the drop. Doubtful that the other counts have any bearing on the platelet count.