Dear Dr. I had a platelet count of 517. I did have a blood transfusion due to surgery a few weeks ago. Coulod this be the reason for a high count, or should I look further into this. Thank you, Ann


"Hello Ann, Your platelet count is only mildly elevated.The medical term for this is thrombocytosis and the condition is usually temporary. It can be caused by laboratory error or iron deficiency and may be seen in conditions of chronic inflammation or following recovery from an acute infection. There are several more serious conditions, such as carcinoma and Hodgkin's disease (malignant diseases), which may also be associated with thrombocytosis. Elevated platelet counts are not routinely seen in HIV infection. Next step would be to get the test repeated. Chances are the condition will resolve spontaneously; if not then I would look for a reason other than the blood transfusion as the cause. Hope this helps. RJF".