Is Platelet Rich Plasma injections an option for lipoatrophy?


I met with a spa who said that PRP would be a viable treatment for lipoatrophy, however I am unsure since the internet does not seem to support this? What are your thoughts?


Hello, and thanks for posting.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a promising and very useful treatment for facial skin rejuvenation. We use on virtually all of the patients we treat with fractional CO2 laser. We also use it in combination with Dermapen or micro-needle rolling to improve superficial scars and wrinkles. Our team does several of these treatments every week and the results are often remarkable.

Unfortunately, what PRP does not do well is restore facial volume. Several years ago I tried different formulations of PRP and different injection techniques in an attempt to restore facial volume in well over 100 treatments (many in patients with HIV lipoatrophy) and the overall results were disappointing. Some patients did have some volume increase, but even when this occurred the results were minimal. However, we did observe improvement of skin quality, texture, and lessening of scars and surface wrinkles in many patients.

So PRP has a role in facial rejuvenation, but is not a legitimate option for management of lipoatrophy.

I hope this information helps and best of luck!