Hi! I'm paranoid about being infected by HIV. Here is why: It was May 13, I was in my P.E. class and my class mate comes up to me and asks for a 'high five'. When my hand slapped his, I felt something pierce my skin and when I looked at my palm, it was bleeding. When the guy showed me his hand, he was holding a pin (the kind of pin used to post up papers), this was his idea of a joke. He says that he has done this to other people in my class. Now I'm worried about the HIV. Is there a possibility to get infected from the kind of pin that pierced me? Please help me on this one, it really bothers me and it distracts me from doing things normally.


Not a funny joke.

The risk of transmission through this route is so unlikely that you should not be worrying about this. The primary route of transmission through blood contact is through needle-sharing, as there is the potential for significant blood contact during injection.