Dear Dr. Feinberg I refer to the question which I copied below. I had the same problem 2 years ago and had the zyst surgically removed with great success.

rectal abcess Posted: Jun 25, 2001

I seem to get recurring rectal abcesses in the upper cleft of the rectum (about three in the last year and half). Could this be a swollen gland? Are abcesses a symptom of HIV?

This is not a symptom of HIV, nor is it a swollen gland. Rectal fissures and rectal abscesses are more common in people who engage in anal sex, although they certainly can also occur in ither circumstances. You may wat to see a colorectal surgeon to see if there is an anatomic problem that predisposes you to recurrent rectal abscesses. Goo d luck!


Thank you for your contribution. This could indeed be a pilonidal cyst if what is meant by "upper cleft" indicates the right location.