pierced nipple 10 seconds


hi Dr bob , Heard a lot about you. Could you please help me . had been to a topless bar and by mistake sucked on the dancer's nipple for 10 seconds ,who had an nipple peirced. Can you please help me , wether i should be worried of any HIV. i did not see any blood . amjust being very scared and stopped having sex with my newly wed wife.please please help. Loosing sleep over this . Am i putting her in any danger,or is it just guilt which i need to come over with time. Have not done anything else . have a dry cough five days after this. Please Please Help Dr.Bob ,am very worried.



So the question is any danger versus guilt??? The answer is guilt, most definitely guilt!

My advice is to level with your newly-wed wife and ask for forgiveness for your lapse in judgment at the local Badda Bing.

From and HIV perspective, a 10-second nipple nosh, pierced or otherwise, carries no risk for HIV acquisition.

Dr. Bob