This interactive panel discussion reflects on the creative and empowering community responses to extortionate drug pricing and monopolistic practices by Big Pharma that threaten people's access to medicines, particularly those which treat HIV and hepatitis C. Participants from organizations focused on access to medicines discuss their past campaigns and respond to questions on how they see this work going forward in the current hostile political climate.


  • Reflect on the achievements, foundational principles of Pharma Greed Kills campaigns, and tactics of this A2M social movement to gauge where we can make effective, radical change given the new hostile political environment;
  • Discuss ways to expand the international and US-based coalitions and ensure intersectionality with other social movements;
  • Educate and engage student chapters about the PGK network and related campaigns.


  • Bryn Gay -- Treatment Action Group
  • Eric Sawyer -- ACT UP NY/GMHC
  • Mare Tralla -- ACT UP London
  • Chris Noble -- ACT UP Boston/Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
  • Emily Sanderson -- Health GAP/Student Global AIDS Campaign
  • Alexandra Greenberg -- Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
  • Mehreen Qureshi -- Universities Allied for Essential Medicines - NYU