could a person who is HIV positive be negative by elisa test if his viral load is < 50 copies /ml


Hello I am from Peru, and I work in a clinical laboratory I have a question about a pacient, if he has been HIV elisa and western blot tests positives years ago and for the two last years his viral load is minus than 50 and his cd4 cells over than 900, could have a new elisa test negative? or ever it could be positive, in what cases it could negativize, sorry for my English, thanks in advance


Gracias para su pregunta. Su engles es muy bien(y mejor de mi espanol).

There are a very small number of patients who are repeatedly Western blot positive, but have undetectable plasma HIV RNA viral loads. In such cases the Western blot should stay positive.

In my clinic we have seen such patients-- most are long-term non-progressors; one has gone on to have disease progression and require antiretroviral treatments.

Gracias por su interes. BY