persistent sore thraot lasting for 3 weeks, elevated white blood cell, and invisible blood in urine (white and red cell)


i had unprotected sex with one girl before 7 weeks and 4 days, and after 4 weeks u start feeling fatigue and sore throat no more sgins and sometimes abdominal pain ... i went to the clinic and make CBC and the result was normal except for the WBC was 11200 and the urine test detected blood in urine(white and red cell) so he ha gave me Augmentine antibiotic thought that i have urine tract infection and actually i do... burning sensation and etc... after a week i returned to make another blood test and the result still the same blood in urine but more elevated in white blood cell 12000 .... im really confused to death... please help... do this a significant indicator that i got HIV infection i mean the elevated white blood cell, persistent sore throat, and blood in urine........


The symptoms you describe are not typical for acute HIV infection other than the sore throat which can be seen. It is possible that you have contracted an STD such as herpes which can give you urinary symptoms and would not respond to antibiotics. Your risk for HIV infection would depend on the type of exposure, whether you took post-exposure prophylaxis (anti-HIV medication after the exposure), and whether your partner was infected. You should have an HIV test done since you have had symtoms for 3 weeks if you are infected it is likley that the HIV test would be positive. Testing for other STDs and prostatitis shouls also be looked into.

Good luck, Joe