Persistent oral candidiasis for more then 4 months but hiv NEG.


Hello Dr. Iam a little confuse here, would you recommend another hiv test if had a persistent oral candidiasis or thrush for more than 4 months ?

  1. My risk was unprotected (condom broked) sex with a girl of unknown status the 11th of June. Another one approximately the 2th of Sept and again it was unprotected. And a last one on the 27th of Sept and again it was unprotected. All 3 different girls of unknown status, I know iam stupid.

  2. I had a positive result for oral candidiasis. It has been a mild thrush compared to the images i have seen in internet but it still burns like hell. Thrush symptoms started approximately in July or even before June..

  3. Negative elisa test for hiv the 6th of Oct and another one the 6th of Nov of the current year.

I went to the doctor on Sept (infection expert) (he told me to take itraconazol for 3 weeks before the visit), he told me I had nothing anymore, that candida went away and the marks or the hiperplastic manifestations and pain is just a leftover.

Pain persisted and went to another doctor of same speciality on October and he ask me if i gave oral sex to a girl and i told him not directly but yes probably i did had mouth contact with her secretions. He order me another oral swap for candida and came back positive again he saw the hiv negative result and told me to continue the use a mouth wash that is used to reconstruct mouth mucose.

Pain persisted and went to a HIV/AIDS expert last week she was amazed that it has been too much time with the fungus in my mouth I told her I didnt had any ARS symptoms I showed her my HIV neg status and positive for candida of the 6th of nov, but she said there has to be reason and order me a cd4 and cd8 count plus voriconazol and nystatine for 2 weeks, the results came back today cd4=780 cd8=660 its suppose to be in a normal range. The treatment has showed some results after 4 days of treatment.

I have read that oral candidiasis only appears on people that have some immune impairment, how do you see my case doctor?

Thank you very much doctor, I have been a silent watcher of your posts for several years, 4 years ago you helped me and here I am playing with my life again.. you are a great person the type is worth to meet. You have a great smile by the way.



Regarding HIV testing, you will need to repeat your HIV-antibody test three months from your last potential exposure (Sept. 27). HIV-antibody tests taken before the three-month mark are not considered definitive or conclusive.

There are many potential causes of oral candidiasis. I cannot diagnose your specific cause over the Internet. Either the HIV/AIDS specialist physician or the infectious disease physician should be able to help you sort this problem out. Do not automatically assume it's HIV related. The vast majority of cases of oral candidiasis have nothing to do with HIV/AIDS.

Finally, why are you continuing to play sexual Russian Roulette with your health and happiness. Time to wise up! If you stop placing yourself at risk for STDs, including HIV, you'll also stop having these ongoing worries!

Dr. Bob