Peripheral Neuropathy of both feet.


Dear Dr.,

         I have had a RMI of the lumbar spine as you have suggested but nothing relevant to the Symptoms showed up(as you anticipated).
         I now have to ask you about Sustiva(efavirenz). I hear that it is quite a potent drug and that it can get into places such as the nerves/Mylien sheath,where other traditional anti HIV drugs cannot.

         I think that the virus is still harbouring in this area and causing me severe discomfort,despite my non detectable status and High CD4 counts(1000 plus).

         Please would you comment on Sustivas ability to penetrate the nerve area.I would appreciate it very much as I am trying everything to get a little relief.

          Thanks a stack.


Efavirenz gets into brain tissue fairly well, although it may not improve your peripheral neuropathy.