peripheral neuropathy?


Dear Dr Bob,

Could you please answer my question? I have written to you a couple of other times but found my answers on the site since I am on the site daily for about 8 hours a day. I understand that you get thousands of emails but could you please answer this briefly.

I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman of unknown status. I tested negative at 2 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks and 7.5 weeks(53 days) all on the home access. Had various symptoms in that time period.....headache (back of head mainly....aern't there lymph nodes there?), dry mouth and sore throat. Had no fever, rash or swollen lymph nodes. On day 55 I started to feel tingling, burning in my feet. Then I started to read up on this on this site and a couple of days later my left foot felt like it had a glove on it at night. No pain though. I have been stressing quite a bit and had sweat on the back on my head as well at night.....I thought for sure my 7.5 week test would come back positive. I got my negative results back on day 57 and was a bit relieved and the feeling seemed to go away. But the more I think about it the more symptoms seem to show up since the testing is not conclusive until 3 months. The left foot thing is back and so is the sweating at night (just 1 day so far).....not soaking but maybe it could be stress but I don't think so. I have read so many worried well post and still can't get this out of my head....I know I should stay off of the internet. Maybe my 13 week test will show negative and I can rest...probably not. I plan to take it in 4 weeks. I just hope this does not cause me to stress for the rest of my life.

Does peripheral neuropathy come and go? Or is it constantly with you? How common is it to have it in the ARS stage? Does it occur equally in both sides of the body? Is what I am describing peripheral neuropathy?

What do you think about this whole thing?

Well anyway, I think you are doing a wonderful thing in helping many people out there with great advise. You are truly inspiring!!!!

I have the donation information/address and it is forthcoming.




You are on this site daily for about 8 hours a day???? Honey, if you are not an employee of, 8 hours a day is more than a bit obsessive don't you think???

I'll try to be succinct here, because I've answered several questions quite similar to this in the past, OK?

  1. "Does peripheral neuropathy come and go?" No. However, it may worsen at night.

  2. "Is it constantly with you?" Yes, it's constantly with me.

  3. "How common is it in ARS?" Not common at all.

  4. Does it occur equally on both sides? Yes, it's very symmetrical.

  5. "Is what I am describing peripheral neuropathy?" No. What you are describing is anxiety.

  6. "What do I think about this whole thing?" I think the answer to this can be found in your question: "The more I think about it the more symptoms seem to show up . . . "

Your three-month test will give you a definitive result. Your two, five, six, and seven-and-a-half-week tests are encouraging; however not definitive. They are also excessive!

Thank you for your donation. We'll all send you good luck and excellent karma for your 13-weeks test. However, I doubt you'll need it! I think a WOO-HOO is coming your way!

Dr. Bob