As per your request (Limp and Worried)


What's up DOC

As per your request I was unable to get a response from Ryan so I'm coming back to you for some help. Can you please provide some sort of direction for me.

Here's my situation...I engaged in unprotected vaginal intercourse back in 1999 with a 21 year old Canadian female. She was great!!! However since then I've been killing myself constantly thinking about what if she was HIV+ and now I have it.

Since the exposure I have experienced the following...urethritis, follicultis in the genital area just above my penis, fluctuating body temp 36.6 to 37.2 (oral temp) by mid-evening, my tongue is white my mouth is dry, cholesterol of 8.6, some loose stool, 7lbs weight loss since December of 2001, and a current WBC count of 7.6 (WBC in 2000 was 8.4, same in 1997).

I have gone to 3 Doctors here in Canada and they all tested me for STD's except HIV and everything came back negative. They also said the HIV testing is not required because my exposure was low risk. I mentioned to them the above symptoms and all 3 said my symptoms are related to stress and anxiety. They were not at all concerned with the exposure but showed more concern over my high cholesterol.

Apparently I gave myself the urethritis by overexaming penis. The folliculitis occured because of shaving the area possibly with a dirty razor, the body temp they say is normal, as it is normal to see changes throughout the day and as long as it's below 37.5. The white tongue they blame on smoking and not drinking enough water (I only drink 2 glasses a day) but the majority of the symptoms are stress related. Does this sound accurate to you? Can stress and anxiety cause your WBC count to lower? If some is HIV+ would their WBC count be much lower over 3yrs? The Dr's have all told me that everything is normal and to forget about it. How can I be experiencing a constellation of weird symtoms? What do you think about the above symptoms and my risk of possibly contracting HIV from this exposure? Please help me out...I'm making an appointment to talk to a therapist because I can't funtion, and my current girlfriend is getting pissed because I'm not having sex with with her.

Thank you for your time

A worried Canadian.


Dear Worried Canadian,

You gave yourself urethritis by over-examining your penis??? What were you looking for?? You shaved your genital area with a dirty razor??? You really should learn to respect those family jewels. They are irreplaceable. You have a white tongue from smoking?? Now there is something to worry about. No ifs, ands, or "butts" (so to speak), smoking will harm your health and maybe kill you.

Your white count is normal. It's supposed to go up and down periodically. All your other "weird" symptoms and weight loss definitely sound like anxiety to me. I am very glad to hear that you'll be seeing a therapist soon.

Your HIV risk is unprotected vaginal intercourse with a sexually talented 21-year-old female. This risk would be relatively low, but not completely non-existent. If you want an HIV test to set your mind at ease, get one, even if you have to pay for it. It will be negative, but perhaps it will help you get over your weird symptoms, and hopefully will get you back in the saddle (safely) with your girlfriend.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob