PEP Underdosage


Hi, I am a male and recently had receptive anal intercourse with a another male. The sex was supposed to be protected with using condom, but it slipped in the middle of the act, and there was a 10 second period in which there was no condom at all. I stopped immediately and had him withdrew before ejaculation and went to emergency room for treatment, I received the 1st dose of PEP within 3 hours with 3 pills, i think they are 2 kaletra and 1 truvada.. However, the PEP dosage that I received for the next two days was only 1 truvada and 1 kaletra (200/50). Later, my primary provider told me that the truvada was precribed at the right dosage, but the kaletra was underdose. I was shocked and scared at the same time. I immediately took 2-4 kaletra's on day 3. I wonder if taking 1 truvada and 1 kaletra (200/50) for the the second and third day will affect the effectiveness of the PEP, consider it was within the 72 hour critical period.



Your suboptimal dose of Kaletra on days two and three of your PEP regimen will not affect is efficacy. Truvada alone is considered an effective two-drug PEP regime in many situations.

Dr. Bob