Is PEP still recommended?


Hi Dr Bob I have a friend who I know for a year. She has a boyfriend who she goes unprotected with. They both seem reputable. I think she is HIV negative, but can't be 100% sure. A day ago, we had sex with her first time, and I decided to wear a condom. It didn't fail, stayed on all the time, but at some point, the tip of my half-erected penis came in contact with the outer part of her vagina. It pressed for about 5 seconds, didn't go in. I also gave her some oral for a minute. Thinking about it later got me really worried. First, I'm still eligible to go in for PEP, do you think it's recommended? Second off, is testing recommended? Thank you. Really, thank you, greatly appreciate your work.



Your HIV-acquisition risk is so remote it's essentially nonexistent. PEP is certainly not warranted. The primary reason to consider HIV testing would be to put any residual worries (however unwarranted) permanently to rest. I have no doubt the test would be negative.

Continue to play safe and you'll stay safe.

Dr. Bob