My question is if PEP is started at 71 hours as it was in my case and it will be administered for 28 days with 3 drug regime (including a replication inhibitor) is the treatment still effective? What prevents the treatment from being effective, is it that after 72 hours the virus has overwhelmed the system to the point of not being able to fight back? Can the virus still be stopped once in the lymph nodes and replicating if the treatment is started at 71hours for 28 days on a three drug regimine.

Thanks very much for your input


No one knows when it becomes futile after an exposure to use HIV meds to prevent infection. After some period of time, HIV has reached cells in the immune system where it can remain latent (resting). In such a situation HIV meds are not effective as these meds work to prevent the virus from replicating.

General guidelines suggest that after 72 hours prophylaxis is not recommended.