Dear sir, my wishes to you. Sir, i had unprotected insertive vaginal sex for "one" minute with ejeculation The doctor priscribed me truvada ONLY. Next day I insisted to give me kaletra . So i took truveda at 4 th hour from exposure and kaletra at 22 nd hour from exposure. As a pep. I beg you to guide me more in this topic.


You did the right thing. Truvada alone is not PEP (it is PrEP and that is for taking before any exposure, not after). Truvada alone may work after an exposure but if infection does occur resistance to this medication can be expected. The addition of a third agent is recommended after exposures deemed risky.

In your case the delay in the start of Kaletra is probably of no consequence. You should try to complete 4 weeks of this regimen, if possible.