PEP Meds again!!


Doctor, I just finish pep and now im on it again. After 2 days of pep I did another risky behavior so im on it again. This time I went to different clinic and they prescribe me 1 truvada and 4 kaletra. Same drugs from the first clinic ALTHOUGH the first time I took PEP I had to take 1 truvada and 2 kaletra in the morning and the last 2 of kaletra at night. But now the new doctor said to take all pills at once. Does that make a difference?? Same drugs im taking but now its all at once instead of different times. Please help.. Oh and what is the window period for taking the drugs. I took my first dose at 1pm but I want to schedule it at 12pm. Taking it an hour early make a difference?



Dude, you finish a course of PEP and two days later you "do another risky behavior"???? What's up with that??? Why are you continuing to put yourself at such risk? Usually having to take a single course of PEP and endure the six months of post-PEP HIV testing to reconfirm one's negative status is usually plenty to scare the bejesus out of folks. You hardly finished swallowing your last pill before tempting fate once again! Counseling may well be in order so you can explore your self-destructive behavior.

Responding to your specific questions:

  1. It's OK to take your one Truvada and four Kaletra all at the same time, once per day. Splitting the Kaletra does is also fine, but not necessary.

  2. Taking your dose an hour early or late is not a problem. You can certainly take your PEP at 12 pm if that is more convenient for you. I wish you were as careful and conscientious about your sexual behavior as you seem to be about PEP!!!

Dr. Bob