Hello Dr,taking PEP within 24 hrs ( condom broked )on /off fever for 16 days.1.Is Fever is the Side effects of PEP?2.we tested partners girls ( 10 days Back )Eliza( HIV 1 & 2 )and P24 Antigen + Antibodies,result was negative.Still i have any chances of HIV infection.3.Will Single time unprotected Veginal or (condom Broken) contact with HIV + exposure will make me HIV Infected? PEP will protect 100% from HIV ?5.When and What type of test will show accurate result within short time.Plse help me madam.I am in worry of HIV infection..thanks in advance..


Hello and thanks for posting.

Seems like your sexual exposure was with someone who was HIV negative (antibodies and p24). As such, there was essentially no risk.

Fever is not a usual side effect of PEP; but fever isn't only a possible symptom of HIV, it's a symptom of lots of other infections.

  1. A single sexual exposure,even to a known HIV+ individual carries less than a 1% general risk of getting infected.

  2. PEP is very highly effective, but no measure is 100% effective- so there are rare cases of HIV transmission after PEP.

  3. HIV testing 3 months after the last exposure is considered definitive.

Hope that helps, BY