Penus/Vaginal 4 Play


Dear Bob,

You are an amazing person and I love tact that you use to answer our worrywart questions. I am concerned about risk from penile foreplay without a condom. I am 28 and have been doing well with the desperate ex-housewives. I had protected sex at the end of her period (some blood no condom breaks), but later after she cleaned up I teased her a bit (got relatively wet) unprotected (20 seconds).

Its been about 4 / half weeks other than post-nasal drip (which I typically get in the winter), nausea, tired and soft stool (which I am hoping is just nerves and anxiety) I have no typical symptoms yet. I have had pain/discomfort in groin and thighs where nodes would be, but no swollen nodes. She said she was tested negative three months ago and I am the first since last June. I'd like to believe her, then a again I fell for WMD's in Iraq.

What is my risk from this unprotected foreplay (low odds/high odds)?

Thanks again!

Hoefully well and just worried



First off I must remind you that questions related to possible HIV infection need to be asked in the Safer Sex/HIV Prevention Forum, and not here. This forum is for HIV-positive folks who have concerns about fatigue and anemia, OK? I'll post this response in both forums.

So you're worried that your "sex in the city" with "desperate (ex-) housewives" might put you "six feet under?" (Hmmm . . . I just managed to put the title of three of my favorite shows all in the same sentence.) OK, enough word games . . . on to your questions. You were the domestic goddess's first since last June? Well no wonder she "got relatively wet" with your bit of teasing! As for your risk, "unprotected (20 seconds)" what does that mean? Unprotected what? Fingers? Tongue? Mr. Happy? All of the above? Without more information, all I can say is that your "unprotected foreplay" most likely would have low odds for HIV transmission. Nonetheless, if you think you've placed yourself at risk for HIV, then testing at the three-month mark is warranted.

Finally, from the results of the recent election, apparently you weren't the only one duped by that WMD crap.

Good luck! Stay safe! Stay well!

Dr. Bob