First off let me say that you Dr. Bob is a godsend to those that going though one of the most difficult time of their lives. God Bless yah!

Here's my question, I had recently visted a sex worker to where it was going to just involve dry humping. Well, the first thing she did was see if I was a Cop so she asked to touch my penis before we did anything and like an idiot, I pulled it out and she very briefly touched it. It was dark so I couldn't see if she had any cuts on her hand. Well anyway, I zippered up and we proceeded to dry hump. What freaked me out was right after she left, I went to the bathroom to pee and I saw a pimple like cut on the head of my penis. Man I started freaking out. it wasn;t gushing blood or anything but it clearly looked like the skin was scraped off either by her nails or my zipper when I pulled my penis out for her to touch.

My question Dr. Bob is was I at Risk here??? I didn't see any cuts on her hand but then again it was dark. There was no actual anal, oral, vaginal sex involved. Just Dry Humping. I really need to know if I need to get tested here. Thanks Dr. Bob I'm planing on making imediate Donation.



So you dry humped like a couple of crazed wombats and after she left you noticed a scrape on your "home entertainment center," so you assume it was caused by her nails when she "briefly touched" Sergeant Pepper and the Boys to make sure you weren't John Ashcroft??? Hmmm, you don't suppose it could have happened during the humpty-dumpty power dry docking, do you??? Oh and what about getting Mr. Happy caught in your zipper??? Oucha-ma-goucha! Have you ever done that??? If so, I can assure you if it were "zipped" severely enough to cause a scrape or cut, you would have noticed at the time you accidentally zip-locked your kibble and bits. (Most guys who do this will only wear button-fly trousers following the event.)

I don't see any HIV risk from what you've told me that would warrant HIV testing. But if you are worried and want to test, the option is always open to you. HIV testing would be definitive at the three-month mark.

By the way, are you a cop??? You never really told us.

Thanks for your donation!

Stay well!

Dr. Bob