penis rash


Hi Bob

How r u feeling man? All power to you.

Had a genuine HIV scare couple of years back that freaked me out.

3 negative tests since in same facility up to 20 months - all negative.

Problem is I have had this bad penis rash for a year now. Its like red spots that just rock up under the surface of my penis head and disappear a couple of days later to be replaced by new ones. Bob somedays it can look really, really bad encompassing most of the penis head in a red spot rash.

Also had candidiasis in mouth and scrotum and boils under arms which isnt cool.

Bottom line - I am linking it to HIV and am genuinely concerned now for my wife.

Any ideas? Am I being irrational? Is this inline with HIV+ symptoms at the 2 year stage?

Look after yourself Bob.


Hey Penis-Rash-Guy,

Your three negative HIV tests out to 20 months are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. Your ongoing concerns that your pimply-penis problem might be HIV related are unwarranted. I can't diagnose the cause of Mr. Happy's intermittent bad complexion, but I can with great certainty advise you what's not causing the problem. It's not HIV!

My advice is for you to show the rash to a dermatologist the next time it "rocks up!" The chances are great that this is an easily treatable condition.

Stay well. Don't worry.

Dr. Bob