penis examination - no gloves


Hi please can you help, I took my 5yr old little boy to the doctors today as he is having trouble pulling back the foreskin on his penis and it looks sore on the end, the doctor examined him with her fingers and tried to pull back the foreskin but she was not wearing gloves and did not wash her hands before doing this. I am worried about possible transmission from the doctor or from a patient who might have been examined before my son? if she had anything on her hands. Please can you reply as soon as possible I am pregnant and feeling very emotional. thank you.


Hi There is no risk in this situation for HIV transmission. Even if the doctor had been working on someone prior that has HIV, there is the time frame between patients that HIV would die and be unable to infect. HIV begins to die once it leaves the body. Also healthcare providers use hand sanitizers prior to entering the room or you can always insist the provider wash their hands in front of you.

But again, no need to worry about your child in this situation and enjoy your pregnancy!!

Be well and stay safe, Shannon