PCR test


Hi, i had sex with a prostitute last week and after 2 days i have taken PCR Test the result shows positive, latter again after 5 days i went to a hospital and took HIV 1 and HIV 2 tests here the result shows Non- Reactive, so doctor told that i am not infected, could please let me know which is accurate and tell me if i am safe



You ask: ". . . Could you please let me now which is accurate . . . ." The answer is neither!

PCR testing is generally not recommended for HIV diagnostic testing due to the rate of false positives, other technical considerations and cost. The accuracy of any type of HIV test taken at day two is unreliable.

HIV-antibody tests (HIV-1 and HIV-2) taken prior to the three-month mark are not considered definitive or conclusive. Your negative results from tests taken within days of your potential exposure are not reliable. The doctor who informed you that you are not infected based on this test did so in error. There is no way of determining if you have contracted the virus or not at this point.

I would recommend you get an HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark. In addition use latex condoms for all penetrative sex. You can read much more about HIV diagnostic tests, HIV-transmission and other related topics in the archives of this forum. Have a look!

Good luck.

Dr. Bob