PCR/DNA testing for HIV & Oral Sex Question


Dear Dr. Frascino -

What is your opinion of the PCR/DNA testing for HIV? I read where a person can get this type of HIV test done two weeks after they believe they were infected.

The reason I'm asking is I could use some peace of mind. I performed oral sex (twice) on a 'professional female escort' about a week ago. I've read your answers to other people's questions with situations similar to mine - and I've been put at ease reading your answers that the chance of a person contracting HIV from performing oral sex on a woman is very low risk - almost to non-existent. Still, I'd like to know if I'm okay and I would obviously like to know as soon as possible. So I guess another question is - am I worrying over nothing with contracting HIV by performing oral sex on this female escort? I'd like to get a good night sleep and not worry anymore about this! I probably know what your answer will be, but I still like to read it to make me feel better!

Again, thank you for your help and answers to everyones posted questions so we can all know how to stay safe out there. I would like to make a donation to your forum so you can continue this great service for everyone!


Five More Days To Go!


Hello Five More Days to Go,

I don't recommend PCR testing for routine HIV screening for several reasons:

  1. It's not approved for this indication.

  2. It has a significant rate of false-positives.

  3. Cost.

For routine HIV screening, I recommend an HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark.

As for your risk, I agree it is so low as to be nearly nonexistent. You can read more about this in the archives.

Thanks for your donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org). In return I'll send my good-luck karma that your definitive HIV test is negative, as I very strongly believe it will indeed be.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob