is PC1/PC2 Remedy effective?


I have read about something called PC1/PC2 Remedy,(AIDS-HEAL.Com)and the claim that it has been successfull in treatment of HIV/AIDS in some countries.What are your views on this?Would you advice me as a HIV +ve patient to give it a try?


In a word, no.

In the absence of any well controlled studies, I am extremely skeptical of claims about PC1/PC2 that are made on the website. Understand that when a persons enters a "study" or starts healthcare that many aspects of health change-- even without the initiation of a medication. Such factors, like improved nutrition, mental health or treatment of common (non-HIV) illnesses (like chronic diarrhea or TB) can cause improvements in weight.

In a world where access to proven medications to treat HIV or its complications are becoming available in many places, I have difficulty in seeing a reason to place your health in the hands of a unproven product. If you live in a place where you can access qualified HIV care providers, I'd advise you to seek their advice for locally relevant information about your treatment options. Such as it is, as a US physician, unless you were enrolled in a controlled clinical study for PC1/PC2, I'd advise you to save your money. BY