Pastor Please Pray for me.


God was big n big in my life until now but I have been back slider innumerous times; recently i had sinned having sexual encounter (sexual contact of skin, not the penetrative sex, i know no justifications here; sin is a sin) I was badly broken for couple of days...I could not spare that disconnection from the Lord..! and in this midst for 1st time in my life..I realized so profoundly how sinful am I n Love on the cross; I couldn't stand before his love..!! I confessed everything again and re-dedicated my life to Lord. after 3 weeks I happened give take tests n pleaded Lord to forgive n I should not have any positives..! I know this might be rediculous but..I believe Lord knows my heart n my weakness too. finally today was my testing results day..! All came negative except "herpes early dectection test" and also I am still waiting on HIV early dectection test.! .. I could take the positive test results for a while..! But I am so confident that .. He forgaved me.and I have purpose for my life. I have experienced his mighty in my life..! I cannot doubt him. I have decided again to fast n pray before I go for re-test.I believe nothing is impossible to him. I am planning to get married n have responsibility of my mom n relatives.. Please n Please n Please pray that God should heal me...becoz I really believe in him. Sorry pastor, I have nobody to share except the Lord.. but took some courage to share with you ... !! Please remember me in your prayers... I shall not want to waste my life with fear n anxiety .. I wanna live for him...!!



Dear S: God we come to you humble yet boldly submitting our lives to you. We recognize that you are a great God, an awesome God, an all seeing, all knowing, all loving, and forgiving God. Dear God touch my friend right now heal him Lord through the power of your spirit. Heal Lord his soul, mind, and body. Teach him your ways Lord God. Help him to understand that in you he is more than a conqueror, that in you is love, joy, peace, and happiness. Give him power over those things which tempt him. Wash him of his sins and remove the taste of the sinful behaviors from his soul Lord God. Remind him continually that there is not a friend like you. A friend that sticks closer then a brother, and loves and provides our needs continually. Lord increase his faith and help him to be strenghtend in the inner man day by day. Help him to be a strong man of valor, intergrity and strength Amen.