paranoid unprotected sex, checked white blood cells normal


dear doc on 7/4/03 i had unprotected sex but he did not ejaculate in me. i then became very paranoid and worried b/c i did not know him well. about a month later i was rushed to the ER due to food poisining, and i had my white blood cell count checked and i was a normal 8500 (normal is 8000-12000). does this mean i have nothing to worry about and i am just being way too paranoid? thanks for your time, it means a lot to me



Please note questions like this need to be sent to me at the Safe Sex/HIV Prevention Forum. This forum is dedicated to those who are confirmed to be HIV positive and having difficulty with fatigue and anemia. So I'll only answer briefly....

Unprotected sex does carry a risk for STD's, including HIV. That he did not ejaculate in you decreases the risk somewhat, but not completely.

Does your normal white blood cell count mean you have nothing to worry about? No, it means you have a normal white blood cell count! It cannot be used as a screen for HIV or even other STD's.

Are you being "way too paranoid?" Perhaps, but since you have had a potential STD/HIV exposure, the only way to determine for sure if you've contracted something is to get tested. You probably already realized that, didn't you? So, your exposure was 7/4/03. That means you can get an accurate and conclusive HIV test 10/4/03 (3 months). Other STD screening can be done earlier, especially if you develop any symptoms. Using condoms in the future will eliminate future worries.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob