Paranoid HIV Question


Hello! About 11 months ago, I had sex with another man and we were protected. But, after anal sex he removed the condom and cleaned and right after I performed oral sex on him and he came inside my mouth forcefully which I immediately reacted with going to the bathroom and began to aggressively wash my mouth and brushed my teeth. I wasnt sure of his status since it was just a one night stand.

Im very much worried right now since I have been experiencing some of the symptoms, but not at the same time. For example, Ive had this tingling and numbing sensation in my arms and hands and also I have these headaches that seem to be distributed around my head. Right now, I can say that I probably have a strong immunity since I havent had a fever in a while.



I understand you have spent the better part of the past year worrying about this one encounter. I know how much fear can interrupt our experience of living life in a joyful and meaningful way. The good news here is that the circumstances you describe are considered extremely low to zero in terms of any type of HIV risk. The bad news is that no one can tell you your HIV status without a test.

Many people share worries about getting HIV from oral sex. That is partly because in the early days of the epidemic, ejaculate (or cum) in the mouth was considered to be a mild-low risk activity. However, based on what we understand now about transmission, the CDC says, "There is little to no risk of getting or transmitting HIV from oral sex." (

So what's going on with the symptoms? Only a doctor can tell you for sure. But tingling and numbing are not typical signs of HIV seroconversions. Night sweats, fevers, swollen lymph nodes, and diarrhea are more normal signs of recent seroconversion. However, since these are also symptoms of many many other conditions, including anxiety, it is important that anyone concerns about HIV get tested.

Given it's been 11 months you will have no problem getting an HIV test that will be able to offer you accurate results about this encounter. But again, my guess here is that your worry if far greater than any actual risk. I hope this information helps you to relax, take action, and enjoy the joy and pleasure of sexual encounters with minimal concerns.