are you paranoid about HIV? Please Read.


My story is...Im married, with two kids. I met a woman after an NBA game, we talked for a while and had sex. It started protected and ended unprotected. There was oral and vaginal penetration only.(Yes alcohol was involved). The day after i started to wonder what could I have possibly been thinking. Days worrying turned into weeks. I could not eat nor sleep at one point. I removed myself from all social activites, stop talking to friends and the relationship with my wife was stressed. I told my wife the truth about the incident, in which, after beind totally pissed she did forgive me seeing the tormant i had put my self thru. At the 8 1/2 week mark I went to a center for std/hiv and had an oral swab test was negative. Wow, what relief... right? Wrong. The relief from this negative lasted about a week as I gradually went back into the slump, searching the internet for confirmation of this test, only to find that i need to have another done to confirm. This continued daily for six months.

As a result of this stress/anxiety i lost nearly 20 pounds and I am now on High Blood pressure meds. I do think my number one mistake was putting myself at risk and then searching the Internet constantly to find signs and symptoms.

Back to my story, Six month mark...I went last week to my doctor and asked him to test me for all STD's including HIV. I admit this was very hard to do...having to wait 5 days for my results but it was worth it. After months of stress, anxiety and being paraniod... I finally got my life back.

I am Negative. No STD's.

Stay off the Internet. Go get tested. Dont live your life with constant worry. There is only two results you can get... one can save your life (help you live longer) and the other can set you free.

I hope this helps someone out there...

God Bles



Thanks for taking the time to write in and share your story and newfound insights. I'll add them to the impressive number of similar testimonials already posted in the archives. I hope those struggling through their own version of worried-well-hell will listen to you. But unfortunately, it's doubtful they will until they have put themselves through an experience similar to yours! But we can always hope at least some will read these testimonials and heed their advice.

By the way, WOO-HOO!

Dr. Bob