I have about 5 red spots on my lower legs that have been there for about two years. They do not itch, burn, bleed, ooze, or do anything but scare me because I don't know what they are. Within the past 6 months, one of them increased in size and redness from a pale 1/2" long to a more prominent and noticeable 1 1/2" long. There is also some minor raising, but only on this one. I would have gone to a dermatologist some while back, but as a contractor I have NO medical insurance and can't afford any. I need to know what these are.

I walk alot in my job, both on stairs and hard surfaces, and was wondering if it's a circulatory problem.

My health history includes low blood sugar, and there is a lot of cancer in my famnily tree, although none of the symptoms for the various forms of skin cancer fit with what these spots are doing. (No pain, no irritation, they just sit there.)

I've tried looking them up in books and on the web, but have found nothing.

Help me, please.


I will forward your note to the docs in the list who may know more about this. Does your local clinic for the uninsured have referals to specialits(I am assuming you are getting drugs through ADAP and are a Ryan White client)? Nelson