pain in testicles


sorry i read your responce to alot of questions , i have had some pain in my testicles that feels like is in my lower stomach , im married and never cheater on my wife , this really has nothjing to do with hiv or std but i feel you really know what your talking about so i ask you should i make an a appt with the doc , what kind of doc ? or just go see my reg md ? do you think he would be good enough to see , he really never has ever looked at my balls . thx dr hope the vaca was good



Your doctor has never examined your nether regions??? Hmm. That's not good! A completely physical examination includes a thorough palpation of the cojones!

There are a number of reasons for painful balls, including testicular torsion, trauma, epididymitis, orchitis, inguinal hernia, infection (prostatitis), etc. You should make an appointment with your primary care doctor. He needs to get acquainted with your low hangers! If for whatever reason he's unable to help (or continues to avoid manhandling your manhood), you should see a urologist.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob