PLase Help NYPD medical


I am applying and taking the NYPD exam and as part of the application process they require a background check and medical history. I am in great shape, 25 years old, and have been on ARV's for 2 years. Can i be denied employment if my status were to surface? Am i required to list my meds as part of the exam, or how can i skirt the issue. I am worried because I feel that I could be rejected if they find out about my status or what my meds are? could you please help?


On any application for employment or insurance, the worst thing you can do is lie. However, you can always refer a question to your health care provider. Another approach is to make it clear that you have no medical condition that would pose a threat to the health of anyone else, and give that response as a blanket response to a series of questions about particular diagnoses. In NYPD, everyone practices standard precautions, right? So you pose no threat.

If the question is specific to meds (what prescription medications do you take?), then in my opinion you're wise to answer it. I don't say that to applicants for most jobs, but NYPD is not most jobs. HIV status is not legal grounds for refusing employment.