I was occupationally exposed to the HIV virus, and my MD put my on Kaletra for 28 days. I am now reading online that most PEP are given as a combination of Kaletra and one other drug. Should I ask my MD for something else in addition to Kaletra?(I was exposed 24 hours ago and began treatment 12 hours post exposure).

Also, with the short term usage do I have to worry about some of the side effects of fat redistribution and facial wasting?


Hello and thanks for your post.

PEP protocols vary from center to center and haven't really had a guideline-based update for a while.

Since Kaletra monotherapy is actually quite active against HIV in chronically infected persons, it's quite reasonable that it should work for PEP.

The short-term risks for lipo with any PEP regimen should be vanishingly small.

I hope this helps and be well, BY