hi doc! i have been on stocrin/combivir for 6 months, doin well! i have recently heard of ozone therapy and its benefits. i live in BOTSWANA. the machine is very expensive i would like to buy one.. wat do u make of all the benefits by HIV+ using this therapy?



Save your money. Ozone therapy for HIV (or any other medical condition) is a swindle. (See below.)

Dr. Bob

Ozone Therapy Jun 23, 2007

Got a few questions;

How can it be said that Ozone Therapy is a Fraud?

Have you done any reseach on Ozone Therapy yourself?

Have you maybe through of trying to test the validity of Ozone Therapy yourself to prove if it does work or not?

I know for a fact that Ozone Therapy can NOT cure AIDS, but if a patient has been diagnosed with HIV and has a relatively high T cell count Ozone has been clinically proved to provide the patient with a stronger immune system to fight off secondary infections. These tests have been conduced in South Africa.

Ozone Therapy can be equated to when someone said the earth was round and was exciled because of it - well it seems he was right.

You can't say something doesn't work until you have tested it yourself. There are many horrible people out there who will use Ozone Therapy to their advantage to make money and not tell the whole truth or don't know all the facts. But the truth is Ozone Therapy has many many benefits and this can not be discredited.

Response from Dr. Frascino


  1. How can it be said that ozone therapy is a fraud? Easy. I just open my mouth and say (or flex my fingers and type), "OZONE IS A FRAUD." See, it's as easy as that. It's also the truth.

  2. Have I done any research on ozone therapy myself? Nope. Nor do I intend to, as it's been done many times before and has not shown any benefit in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

  1. Should I test the validity of ozone therapy myself to prove it doesn't work? No, of course not. I'm also not going to waste my time testing unicorn blood, goat urine or Tasmanian devil vomit as potential HIV cures either.

  2. You know for a fact that ozone therapy has been clinically proven to provide stronger immune systems to fight off secondary infections??? Really??? Dearie, you can believe whatever you want, but that doesn't make it a scientific fact. I have seen no convincing scientific data from South Africa or anywhere else that supports your "fact."

  3. "You can't say something doesn't work until you have tested it yourself." What? Why not? Of course I can. Just see number 1 above! The scientific burden of proof does not rest on my personally disproving something when there is overwhelming scientific evidence already available doing just that.

As for "but the truth is ozone therapy has many, many benefits and this cannot be discredited." Well, actually it has indeed been discredited repeatedly with sound science and common sense. If you want to "believe" in ozone therapy, fine, that's your choice. But beliefs are not facts. Ozone therapy for any and all immune diseases is a fraud. Not only is it not helpful; it's potentially dangerous. (See below.)

Dr. Bob

Ozone is a highly unstable form of oxygen with disinfecting properties. Test tube studies suggest that it can damage viral particles and inhibit HIV's reverse transcriptase enzyme. Two research teams reported that in laboratory studies it inactivates HIV at concentrations which are non-toxic to human cells, but another team found that levels of ozone needed to kill animal viruses also resulted in 30% destruction of blood cells and haemoglobin.

Current use

Ozone is an unlicensed, experimental treatment. Despite the promising test-tube results, there is no clear evidence that ozone is a beneficial treatment for people with HIV. Two phase I studies showed no clear-cut effects on CD4 count or virus levels, and a phase II study showed no difference between the effects of ozone or placebo on a range of immunological and clinical measures.

Ozone has been promoted by individuals in several countries who charge large fees for treatment, despite the lack of evidence of efficacy. Claims have been made that people have been cured' through ozone treatment, but nocured' person has ever been produced for verification. There have also been reports of several deaths as a direct result of intravenous ozone infusions. Most AIDS specialists and groups for people with HIV advise extreme caution in the use of this treatment.

Taking it

Ozone can be administered in several different ways. Blood can be removed from the individual, exposed to ozone and then reinfused. Alternatively, a machine can be used which generates ozone gas and delivers it into the rectum, where it is thought to be absorbed through the mucous membranes. The most dangerous method consists of injecting ozone gas directly into the bloodstream. Hydrogen peroxide injections are also sometimes used as part of, or independently of, ozone therapy. Advocates of hydrogen peroxide also recommend drinking or bathing in it. However, doctors have reported one case in which a man with AIDS died after injecting himself with 35% hydrogen peroxide.

Key research

Wells reported that the antiviral effects of ozone include viral particle disruption, reverse transcriptase inactivation and/or a perturbation of the ability of the virus to bind to its receptor on target cells. Freeberg and Carpendale (1991) reported that ozone inactivated HIV at non-toxic concentrations, but Wagner found that at concentrations required to inhibit animal viruses, ozone induced 30 percent haemolysis and destruction of extracellular haemoglobin.

Bocci theorised that ozone induces the production of cytokines such as tumour necrosis factor (TNF) and interferon.

Carpendale (1993) reported that 4/5 HIV-positive men with diarrhoea of unknown origin improved when treated with ozone. However, the responders all had relatively high CD4 counts, and diarrhoea can resolve spontaneously, particularly at higher CD4 counts.

Garber performed a phase I study of ozone blood treatments in 10 HIV-positive individuals. No significant toxicity was observed. Three participants with moderate immunodeficiency showed improvement in surrogate markers. In a phase II controlled and randomized double-blinded study comparing reinjection of ozone-treated blood and reinjection of unprocessed blood for 8 weeks, followed by a 4-week observation period, ozone had no significant effect on haematologic, biochemical or clinical toxicity when compared with placebo. CD4 cell count, interleukin-2, interferon gamma, beta2-microglobulin, neopterin and p24 antigen were also unaffected by both treatment arms.

Hooker conducted an open study of ozone-treated blood in the treatment of 9 HIV-positive individuals. No significant change in mean absolute (or percentage) CD4 count was seen after 4 or 8 weeks of treatment. The HIV p24 antigen titre did not change significantly during treatment. One participant became weakly p24-antigenaemic during treatment, while another who was weakly antigenaemic at baseline became equivocal during therapy. The treatment was well tolerated; there was no bruising or local pain after the intramuscular injections.

Hirschtick reported the case of an individual who died after injecting himself with hydrogen peroxide.

Mayer reported the development of paranoid hallucinatory psychoses in a person receiving ozone therapy.


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Are you stealing people's health for your own job security? Jul 14, 2007

Is it not true that all disease is caused/exacerbated primarily by or at least indirectly by hypoxia? Do H2O2 and Ozone release O1, a highly reactive substance, that our blood carries in inferon to clean and heal us? Are Cancer cells destroyed via oxidisation? Is medical jargon a code there to mislead and confuse the uneducated via insulating the obvious? Are pharmaceuticals made from oil? Is it in the interest of pharmaceutical giants to keep us sick, and feed us lies? Oxygen is not an alternative medicine, it's our body's (and anything evolved enough to breathe's) primary disinfectant? Does Oxygen kill sickly and malformed cells within the body? Does Oxygen kill the healthiest cells first, or does it prioritize? Does Vitamin C generate H2O2? Does the Kerbs cycle, and thus exercise, generate H2O2? Are we getting progressively less and less oxygen from the atmosphere?

If Blood Ozonation, intraveinous H2O2, Ozone insufflation and other oxygen therapies worked as non-lethal disinfectants, and destroyed anaerobic (all viruses and cancer) cells, and thus rid the body of abnormalities and diseases, would pharmaceutical drugs and anti-biotics be redundant? Would this cripple pharmaceutical companies and their "pushers", general practitioners? Would this mean chemo-therapists around the world would no longer be needed? Would the cost of healing then fall within everybody's budget? H2O2 therapy costs less than a rand for a month's (full) treatment's chemicals. chemo chemicals cost close on half a million rand and the treatment is 6 months. This is only my currently established conjecture, maybe you can clarify. Would this leave drug companies high and dry, and forever change western medicine? Could using Oxygen in be the sequel to using soap, in terms of cultural development?

Response from Dr. Frascino


Let me respond to the first and last of your many absurd questions and leave all the jabberwocky in the middle for another time.

Am I stealing people's health for my own job security? No, sweetie, I'm not. I'm a volunteer here so job security is hardly a priority. Secondly, I am an HIV specialist physician with over a quarter century of experience and a documented record of improving people's health. How does that compare to your CV and record of accomplishments?

"Could using oxygen in be the sequel to using soap, in terms of cultural development?" I'm not at all sure what the hell that even means! However, if you choose to shower and bathe only using oxygen for the next year or so, you should have your answer.

Finally, dearie, try this one. Every year in the late fall the birds of New England fly south. Three to four weeks later it snows in New England. Consequently, this is "scientific" proof, is it not, that birds migrating south cause snow in New England?!? It happens each and every year!!!

Dearie, what I'm trying to point out is that there is a bit more to scientific proof than isolated observations improperly interpreted.

Dr. Bob