Overseas travel


In a couple of weeks I am planning a 6-day trip from the US to London. I've been advised to take my HIV meds in their original prescription bottles and take more than I will need in case I get stuck in London for extra days. What else should I be concerned about? Do I need to disclose my status to the Customs agent? What if I get sick while in London? I'm currently in great health with an undetectable viral load and Cd4 count of 750+. To look at me you'd never know I had HIV. Thanks for your help.


Good advice. My only other concern would be whether you are a US citizen or a person traveling on a green card. (An HIV-positive green card holder could face great difficulty returning.) No, there is no need to disclose to the customs agent. That person will figure out your situation fast enough from the contents of your luggage. As to getting sick in London, I encourage you to check with your own health insurance provider about coverage overseas. If you are an American Express cardholder, check with them about their own medical plan for overseas travel. Then go and have a great time, because you're going to be fine and you've thought through the trip very well. Bon voyage!