Overseas Retirement


I'm not sure if you're the right person to ask but as I reach retirement age where would be the best place to find information about retiring overseas, (Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica) for someone who has HIV? Thank you, Mike



It seems that the best health care systems are in Costa Rica and Panama since there are several US hospitals there due to the large number of American retirees living in those two countries. My best friend who is HIV+ moved to Ecuador and he loves it since it is cheaper than Costa Rica and Panama and so far he loves healthcare there.

I do not know much about Thailand but have a poz friend who lives there 5 months per year. I could ask him.

Mexico is also a good choice specially Guadalajara due to its large HIV population. I have a doctor friend there and he tells me care is very good. Mexico is also closer to the US in case that you have to fly home to get a special medical procedure.

Some HIV+ people who retire overseas chose to have friends in the US ship them their refills.

Before you consider any country, check this site:
HIV travel

This week, there is a conference in Puerto Vallarta about retiring overseas. You may want to email the organizers:

Puerto Vallarta to hosts International Livings 2014 Ultimate Retire Overseas Conference

As far as retiring in the US goes, I particularly like Fort Lauderdale due to its good cost of living, beaches, large HIV+ community and good doctors. Wilton Manors is a gay city within Fort Lauderdale that is quickly becoming a great place to retire.

Good luck in your search!