Organizational Sign-On: Demand the Entertainment Industry Do More in Supporting and Protecting Its Workers Living With HIV

Deadline: Friday, Jan. 15

The recent media storm surrounding Charlie Sheen's public disclosure of his HIV status is a mere representation of how the media continues to encourage stigmatizing behavior and public shaming of people living with HIV.

The media and entertainment industry plays a key role in addressing the HIV stigma. Let's collectively hold the industry accountable to ensure the promotion of accurate realities of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, as well as urge them to counter unjust stigma faced by people living with HIV.

Join and sign-on with a coalition of HIV organizations in an open letter urging entertainment industry leaders to come forward as advocates for the rights and dignity of the industry's workers living with HIV. This is letter specifically calling on the entertainment industry to issue a public statement that:

  • Reminds association, guild and union members of their legal obligations to not discriminate any employee on basis of their HIV status.
  • Points to the current science and updated knowledge on HIV transmission and treatment.

Click here to read the full letter and to sign-on your organization by Friday, Jan. 15.

For more information, contact Kim Miller at HIV Medicine Association or Naina Khanna at Positive Women's Network - USA.