orasure accuracy question... please respond.


Dear Bob... Have been reading some of your posts and wow you are wonderful for donating your time for everybody out there that is worried about HIV. My question is... I had a tattoo done at a reputable salon in late Sept 08'. In November started experiencing numbness and tingling all over body, mostly hands feet and face. For peace of mind, had a orasure oral test done at a Planned Parenthood done in January. It was negative thankfully. Can you please tell me if these results are accurate or is there false negatives? I have looked online but really havn't found much. I have recently just been engaged and have unprotected sex with fiance but am scared silly about contracting the disease from the tattoo. Please let me know your opinion and should I get retested? I know from your site that a three month window period is pretty accurate. Thank you so much for a response and keep up the good work, may God bless you with good health and happiness.



Your negative OraSure oral test performed more than three months from getting that spectacular tattoo on your back that reads "Republicans for Voldemort!!! 2008!" is definitive and conclusive. False-negative? Nope! Negative OraSure tests done outside the window period are considered to be definitive negatives. However, a positive rapid test outside the window period is only considered to be a "preliminary positive result" and requires confirmation with Western Blot or immunofluorescence assay (IFA) testing before being deemed a definitive positive. In other words, when using rapid tests, you have to be concerned about possible "false positives," but not "false negatives." OK? Additional testing in your case is not warranted.

Dr. Bob