My oral thrush won't go away


hello i am a 29 HIV+ male i've been on meds for 3 years (duovir and effavir) my CD4 levels are 421 and undetectable viral load (january 2009) 2 weeks ago i had an oral thrush. i tried treating it with fluconazol 300mg bi-weekly but it won't go away. should i be scared or is it normal to take much time to heal? and should i try something else as treatment? thanks for your help


Hello and thank you for your post about thrush.

My comments are as follows:

Are you sure that you have thrush? Has your doctor taken a sample of your tongue for analysis? (This isn't usually done, but in cases of uncertainty, would be reasonable). There are other conditions (often benign) that can mimic thrush- such as geographic tongue or hairy leukoplakia.

In our country, we would usually dose the fluconazole differently. We'd use a daily dose of 100 to 200 mg; usually for a week.

I hope this helps. Be sure to talk to your doctors about your persistent symptoms.