oral thrush T cells fluctuating


My Tcells are at 490...2 months ago 560 and 4 months ago 330. I am noticing a stick white film in my mouth on some days. I have actually noticed this for years(not sure how long I have been positive). Some days its really bad and I can actually wipe it out with a piece of tissue. Its just sticky white strainds. I also seem to have nasty taste like I have bad breath all the time..but no one says I have bad breath..not sure if they would..ha ha. Can this be a fungus....how do you check for this...and can they check when I dont have the sticky white film in my mouth. Can this thrush affect my stomach and cause gas, cramps also? My doctor didnt even check me when I mentioned it to him cause he said my tcells were so high. He said it sounds like my nasal passage is dripping to much so he put me on allegra. Your thoughts thanks


I would ask your HIV doc to look in your mouth and comment regarding you have thrush or other oral problems. I sometimes will get a brushing so send to the lab to look for thrush (yeast). I also refer patients to our dental clinic for their assistance/input regarding oral health issues. KH