Oral Thrush and Party Drugs?


I have a question regarding Thrush. This past week I went to have my teeth cleaned for the first time in 6 or 7 years. Not showing signs of good oral hygiene, but no cavaties. My dentist showed that I had thrush and immediately I started to panic about possibly having HIV.

I have been in a relationship with someone for more almost three years, and have strayed a few times, each time playing safely. My partner has tested negative and now I am awaiting my test results, and I am praying and believing in my faith in God and Jesus that I am ok.

In reading up on this message board I have seen there are other things that can cause thrush and have some questions.

  1. Occassionally when I go out with my friends I partake in some partying, these include using ecstasy, ketamine, GHB, and crystal (ice). I know the dangers and acknowledge my use of these drugs. Can any of these create an imbalance in the microorganisms in the mouth that could result in thrush.

  2. I had taken Zithromax for a sinus infection about a little more than a month ago. Could this also cause it to form, and if it did and thrush went untreated would it go away by itself?

  3. I work out regularly and have used the following: Ripped Fuel, HydroxyCut, HGH sublingual spray, and liquid Creatine taken sublingually. I have also taken Deco Durabilin but that has been more than 2 years ago. Can any of these have caused it?

  4. I also read that it may be caused by poor oral hygeine and I cannot think of anything more poor than waiting 6 - 7 years for a cleaning. Would this be an attribute or cause?

My dentist put me on Difulcan and within 2 days the patches have disappeared. As I mentioned I did take an HIV test and am awaiting my results but am going through the typical anxiety that goes along with taking the test.

I appreciate your answers


Party drugs and muscle drugs do not cause thrush, nor does poor oral hygiene, but antibiotic use, especially when it is prolonged, can cause an imbalance in the mouth's normal microorganisms that permits the Candida to flourish.

You lead a fairly drug-heavy life. Maybe the thrush is a wake-up call to chill out.