Oral Thrush - Dr iam begging you for your guideance


My situation is i had unprotected oral and protected vaginal with a sex worker on Dec 1,2005

I have taken tests 6week,7week, and now 4.5months and all negative.

I was comfortable with my 7week result until recently last week i developed oral thrush on my palates,andright cheek, dr confirmed it was thrush, its starting to go away by it self.

anyways i was in a great deal of stress 24/7 stress and extreme dry mouth, most likly caused by the stress. i went to get a hiv test 4.5 months after last possible exposure and it was negative.

can i safely assume hiv is not my concern? the only other exposure i had was breif protected oral about 1 month ago but that shouldent even be considered i think.

anyways any guidence and advice will be greatly apreciated doc.

Thanks alot



Repeatedly negative HIV tests out to 4.5 months are indeed definitive and conclusive. I agree HIV is not your problem. Whatever is causing the thrush, it's not HIV. I also agree "brief protected oral" is not a significant risk.

See, you didn't really need my "guideance," or "guidence," or even my guidance after all!

Stay well.

Dr. Bob