I seem to have inflamed papillae mostly on the front portion of my tongue. They are a little sore, especially when rubbed against the roof of my mouth or teeth. The papillae extend slightly to the back of my tongue. I also have a thin whitish coating starting on the front of my tongue which becomes thicker as it goes back. Right in the middle on the back third of my tongue seems to be a thick compilation of the gunky material. It is whitish yellow. Could this be oral thrush? I had unportected sex about three weeks ago, and I'm going crazy here. I've never paid that much attention to my tongue before, so I don't know if this is normal or new.


First, there is no correlation between thrush (candidiasis) and a new HIV infection. Thrush more often than not appears after the CD4 count has dropped below 300. What it sounds like you are describing is nothing more than coated tongue, which appears to worsen in the more posterior portions of the tongue as the natural cleansing action of the mouth is not as effective in this area.

A good oral hygiene regimen, which would include brushing your tongue every time you brush your teeth, should prove beneficial. Make sure you brush your tongue gently so as not to irritate the surface of the tongue.

If you are concerned about your HIV status, please take the time to be tested.

I hope this helps!