oral sex/std/hiv


Hi dr bob, your doing a magnificent work for everyone & a great example to all of us. My query is the risk of oral sex with std in the transmission/acquisition of hiv. I know oral sex carries a negligible risk but what if std is involved? Does it make it more risky even w/o the presence of visible blood or trauma? I know your very busy but your advise means alot. Thank you so much dr bob & may we all live to see the day when hiv becomes nothing more than just a bad dream.



Having an STD can increase your chances of contracting HIV. For instance, STDs that cause sores or blisters (like herpes and syphilis) provide an easy way for HIV to enter the body. White blood cells at the site of infection can also increase the chances of HIV infection. This can occur not only in STDs that cause sores/blisters, but also in STDs that only cause inflammation, such as gonorrhea, NGU and chlamydia. Hope that helps.

As for the HIV becoming nothing more than a bad dream, that day will get here much sooner if we all do our part in promoting HIV/AIDS awareness, education, prevention, testing and treatment.

Dr. Bob