Oral sex with sex worker and a cut lip


Dear Dr. Frascino, I am going nutz thinking about whether I have contracted hiv. To be brief, here is my situation. That night I had a very chapped lips which I pealed this one little area that was most irritating and it bled for a bit until it stopped bleeding. About 1.5 hrs later I hooked up with a sex worker which we engaged in protected vaginal sex however aprox. two minutes into it I pulled out and performed oral sex on her for about 30-45 seconds before proceeding in vaginal sex. I forgot I peeled my lips coz I didnt feel anything anymore. A few days later I developed chills, painful & cloudy urine and light headedness. went to the doctor about a month after my encounter and got tested, results came back negative. I was told it was all in my head and worrying myself about hiv was giving me these symptoms which should not be used as an assumption for hiv. Doc said im fine, not to worry coz oral sex is too rare even on my occasion. So seven months later, out of the blues a bump in my inner lip appeared. it grew bigger but then three weeks later it went down but I can still feel a little bump there. Also when the bump first occured, I had a white painful spot on the inside of my cheek. Now I think my lymph nodes are swollen and its been like that for about a month now. I am going crazy, I need your help doc, do you think I have contracted hiv? I am too scared to get tested again, Im trying to live a happy life believing I didnt contract it. Please doc, let me know what you think and recommend. A donation will be made. Thanks Doc!



I'll be brief, because I'm in complete agreement with the assessment of your physician.

First the facts:

  1. Oral sex (cunnilingus) carries an extremely small risk for HIV transmission, even with the "pealed one little area" on your lip.

  2. Your symptoms are not indicative of or worrisome for HIV ARS. HIV-related symptoms do not begin "a few days" after an exposure. They take weeks to become manifest.

  3. Your negative one-month test is encouraging, but not definitive.

As for being "too scared to get tested again," don't be absurd! Your risk was negligible; your symptoms, not consistent with HIV and your one-month negative HIV test, very encouraging. What the hell are you scared about? I suggest you go immediately to your nearest Blockbuster and rent The Wizard of Oz. Pay particular attention to the Cowardly Lion character. Then get off your duff and go get retested. It will be negative. You will then yell WOO-HOO, write to me and say I can't believe I wasted so much time worrying over nothing! I, in turn, will do my best not to say "I told you so!" OK? Now get going. The Blockbuster checkout guy is waiting to check you out!

Thanks for your donation! (www.concertedeffort.org) I'll be waiting for your WOO-HOO note. Don't make me wait too long, OK? Besides Blockbuster will charge you late fees if you don't return the movie promptly.

Dr. Bob