Oral Sex and HIV


I am 37 yr old male who has been HIV pos. since Aug.2006. I have not had not dated any since I was diagnosed. Recently I meet a young lady who I really admire, "I have told her of my status." My question is can I give her oral sex without the fear of transmitting the virus to her. Would really like to try and have a healthy relationship but want to be able to fulfill her needs. Thanks so much for your advice.



The HIV-transmission risk for unprotected cunnilingus is extremely low assuming there are no extenuating circumstances, such as concurrent oral STDs, bleeding gums, cuts or lesions in your mouth or on your tongue, etc. For an extra "layer" of safety you could use a piece of latex (dental dam) or Saran wrap while stopping at the Y for lunch, so to speak. There is much more information in the archives of the Safer Sex/HIV Prevention forum. Check out not only the chapter "Oral Sex," but also "Magnetic Couples," "HIV Sexual Prevention," HIV Sexual Transmission" and "Safer Sexual Techniques."

Good luck.

Dr. Bob