Oral Sex and Dry mouth


I would like to know if there is any link to oral sex and dry mouth i gave a man oral sex for just a few minutes he did not cum in my mouth. That same day and for the following week i had terrible dry mouth and a white tongue i have never experienced before. Is this a possible sign of HIV? Also if a person has dry mouth are they more at risk because they do not have the protection of there saliva? He did not cum in my mouth, but Is there anyway you can tell if you are exposed to pre-cum or not? I know a lot of different questions but these are my worries


Performing oral sex on a man is considered a low-risk activity. The fact that he did not cum in your mouth greatly reduces your risk for infection. I am not aware of any information that suggests a dry mouth would increase the risk of transmission for the person performing oral sex. Maybe your white tongue is simply a symptom of your dry mouth? It is unlikely that this is associated to HIV infection.